Taking shelter from the Saharan sun under a Tuareg tent and too-large turban in Timbuktu, Mali.
Pura Tirtha Empul water temple

In exploring the incredibly varied, colorful environments of our planet, I regularly see commonalities in human personalities and in nature's patterns that unite us underneath the apparent differences. As unlikely as it can seem in today's world, I believe what divides us is not as strong as what brings us together. Through my writing, I strive to make connections and to focus on the bright side, ‘finding common threads and silver linings.’

As a journalist, I specialize in nature and adventure trips, off-the-beaten path excursions and cultural mélanges throughout Africa, the Americas and the Caribbean. My travels have brought me skin-to-scales with anacondas in the Peruvian Amazon, and alligators in the swamps of Louisiana; riding camels in the Moroccan Sahara; swimming with sea turtles in St. Thomas; kayaking through bioluminescence in Puerto Rico; cliff-jumping in Jamaica; rafting, trekking and zip-lining my way through Costa Rica; dancing at the world's most remote music festival outside Timbuktu; and lying perfectly still in corpse pose on a yoga retreat in Bali. Not to mention learning about local cultures, customs and languages, and gaining new perspectives along the way.

Whether crafted to make a destination almost-tangible, grow business, or promote a cause (especially conservation, literacy, or emerging musical artists), my writing seeks to reveal, relate and inspire. I use words to open minds, touch hearts, and incite contemplation or action.

Since 2005, my professional experience spans travel publications, nonprofit communications, local government and high-technology proposals. I’ve spent several years writing and managing bids for global government agencies, working with colleagues all around the world.

To counter all that screen time, I volunteer with California State Parks Foundation, as despite California currently being the world's sixth-largest economy, its government has its own resource challenges. Serving as a 'Park Champion' has afforded great opportunities to learn about California's vast biodiversity and to steward its native ecosystem. It's also taught me that nature is not just about survival of the fittest, but contains incredible symbiosis.

In addition to travel, technology, nonprofits and lifestyle journalism, I have written copy across a variety of industries. I hold a BA in English from UCLA, an abiding appreciation for my hometown of Los Angeles, and a lifetime goal of visiting all seven continents.

Next Steps...

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