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#99, Water that Glows: Vieques' Bioluminescent Bay, 101 Reasons to Get Excited about Travel, National Geographic Traveler, October 2015 [Full article here]

Summoned by Music, Mesmerized by Mali,, February 2011 [PDF]

Guide to Mali, West Africa,, February 2011 [PDF]

An American Paradise, Vacations, November-December 2006 [PDF]

Small-Ship Cruising, Travel 50 & Beyond, Summer 2006 [PDF]

Cruising the Canal, Vacations, July-August 2006 [PDF]

Breezy, Beautiful Bahamas, Vacations, July-August 2006 [PDF]

Spectacular Safaris, Vacations, May-June 2006 [PDF]
The Best of Hawaii, Vacations, May-June 2006 [PDF]
Fiery Fall Foliage, Vacations, May-June 2006 [PDF]
Sailing Canadian Shores, Vacations, May-June 2006 [PDF]

Hip Trips for Young Adults, Vacations, March-April 2006 [PDF]

Fabulous Family Vacations: 8 Kid-Friendly Cruise Ships & 10 Tropical Resorts for All Ages, Vacations, March-April 2006 [PDF]

Modern Tours of Ancient Civilizations, Vacations, January-February 2006 [PDF]

Technology and Business

Integrating Business Processes within Local Government (whitepaper),, 2008 [PDF]

Poetry and Introspective

Astray,, April 2014 [PDF]
Just Say Yes: Five Lessons Gained from My First Yoga Retreat,, May 2013 [PDF]


BSM003 Afrodrops – Nice Cream EP just released from Blacksoul Music (press release),, 2007 [PDF]
The Voodoo Fest Casts a Merry Spell on New Orleans,, 2004 [PDF]
Austin City Limits 2004: Quite a Successful Festival,, 2004 [PDF]
Candle Power: Gary Seber Casts an Electrifying New Light on Acoustic Guitar (album review),, 2004
Mo’Chi: Fusing Sweet Energy Back into Funk (album review),, 2004

Lifestyles and Miscellaneous

Diego Lends a Fresh Flair to Mexican Dining at MGM Grand, Las Vegas,, 2004 [PDF]
La Femme Entices with Artistry of the Nude at MGM Grand,, 2004 [PDF]
Sushi and Chinese Cuisine at Wokcano: Savor the Eclectic Tastes Well Into the Night,, 2004 [PDF]
What is Essential to All Human Beings, yet is Frequently Neglected?, 2004 [PDF]
The Lowdown on those Lowdown, Dirty Little… Wisdom Teeth,, 2004 [PDF]
Starwood Hotels & Resorts Bless W Hotels with Bliss,, 2004
Milla Angelina Gallery Opens on Gallery Row with a Foundation of Heart and Soul,, 2004
Bright Lights of LA: SmashBox Cosmetics Brings Eyes and Lips to New Heights of Urban Sophistication,, 2004

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