Links I Like

The links below feature excellent writers, inspiration and resources for travel, music, food and yoga.

For some of the travel writers, I’ve also included the first ‘gateway’ article I encountered that for me, prompted love at first read.

Travel Writers Eric Hiss Mark Moxon Robert Earle Howells ( Kevin Raub ( Edward Readicker-Henderson ( Narina Exelby and Mark Eveleigh

Travel + Food Jodi Ettenberg (

Travel + Yoga

Travel + Entrepreneurship

Travel Resources - A site where my friend and former colleague Suresh Subramanian features education and tourism offerings for the vibrant region of South India, which dates back to 8000 BCE. While much Indian tourism focuses on the country's north, the south offers diverse natural wonders from wildlife sanctuaries to lush forests and beaches, as well as historic museums, monuments and temples. South India is rapidly advancing socially and economically, with high-tech metropolises such as Chennai and Bangalore, and high literacy rates and low fertility rates compared to the rest of India.

Music Independent radio at its best - a jewel on the dial in Los Angeles that has introduced me to SO much incredible music. World music and genre-bending artists on a label whose tagline "everything is closer than you think" meshes well with my thinking. Brilliant world music.

Food Lisa Fain and

Yoga - Learn about all eight limbs - it's not just a physical practice!

Other Personal Favorites - World culture in Los Angeles. As big a city as LA is, you tend to see the same faces at world music concerts and events. These folks have excellent taste! - Photography by a talented yogi. - My friend Ben is a system administrator, swing dance teacher, and lover of puns.  Yeah, he's pretty awesome. - I met this fellow Gemini writer and soul sister on a yoga retreat in Bali (lucked out with her as my roomie), spent a Thanksgiving with her in Sweden, and managed to rendezvous a couple times in our home state of California (she's northern, I'm southern). Her writings will make you feel alive!