Welcome to Interwoven Roads. I'm Michelle White.

I am passionate about the world at large, and finding connections that make it seem small. In this site, I share insights from travel, music, food and yoga – intersecting topics that reinforce our common humanity, no matter which corner of the globe we call home.

Music brought me to Mali. Yoga brought me to Bali. Food fuels many explorations, both far and near. I have traveled for love, friendship, business, and pure discovery. For me, making the most of this life means heeding curiosity, getting to the source or roots of things that capture me, and usually, reaffirming our interconnection. Through navigating sensory details, research and reflections, I seek to bring new experiences to life and to familiarize the unknown.

From curiosity rather than fear, we can seek education and understanding about places and people around the world. It’s my hope that increased awareness leads to more peace and protection of our earth’s resources. This begins with our own footprint, what we personally can control. We are all sharing one planet, and our paths are more interwoven than we often realize.

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